“Did you know that people that talk about sex with their partner have better sex?” This is something that Therese claims in one of our short promotion films.

When you dare to show more of yourself to your partner it is often easier for you and your partner to get pleasure together. If you instead try and hide things, that you believe your partner will not appreciate, behind a mask your mind will be busy and hiding itself. Far from pleasure. Letting your brain be in your pleasure centre instead leads to better sex for everyone.

How do you dare to talk about sex, your sexual fantasies and show more of what you dream and long for?

One day one of you will dare. It will then be essential that you respond in a curious and non-judgemental way. This is a very important way to react for the receiver of the stories. If you are sharing sensitive things you probably want to set yourself up for a successful reception. Explain what you are about to share and make sure that there is no rush and minimal external stress around.

One useful tip, when you wish to share some of your sexual fantasies, is to do it when your partner is a little bit aroused or exited. The brains “disgust” sensors are turned down low then so there is a lesse chance that your partner will have a negative respons.

I really don’t want to get involved of your fantasy!

Hold your horses! What happened to your curious and non-judgemental response? Remember that it is only a fantasy. Something from your partners imagination. It does not mean that they wish to realise it with you or anyone else. It is an opening up of their most inner thoughts. Showing themselves completely. This complete honesty should bring you closer together. It takes a completely different behaviour to actually want to try out some of the fantasies.


We are convinced that those who speak about sex with their partner have better sex. So dare to be the instigator of this conversation. Share first and be curious about your partner. Who knows, perhaps you share a fantasy or two? Maybe you can use it verbally to turn both of you on during foreplay? Give it try!

We made a sculpture out of one of our fantasies.


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