Relationship coaching for couples

Are you in the middle of a relationship and have not yet found the right “service station”?

We offer you training, challenges, support and coaching for existing (non-crisis) relationships. Maybe you have a newer relationship and want to do the right thing from the beginning or you have been together for a long time but have not previously given it enough time to keep it in top shape. You love each other and want to get more out of your relationship and your life.

We usually start with a survey through interviews and evaluations – so that we as your coaches, as well as you, get a common picture of your strengths and challenges in the relationship. Together we then decide on a plan for how we might proceed.

All coaching and training takes place so that you get the right tools to handle your conflicts yourself (we know that they exist in all relationships). You also get tools on how you can continue to strengthen your relationship and create loving rituals so that your relationship becomes healthy, happy and sustainable. We can also promise increased understanding and a lot of insights about yourself and your relationship. With our tools and our training, your friendship will be strengthened. We know, and research agrees with us, that the better friendship there is between you, the better sex life you will have.

In many cases, it can be easier for us (Hunter & Therese) to work together. Having both a man and a woman as well as 4 eyes and ears that listen, ponder and try to see everyone’s perspective can be very helpful.