• New episodes of our podcast
    Yes, Season 9 is out and released since a few weeks back. 6 episodes in Swedish (again) where you’ll find us talking about what really happened around our 1000 days of sex. The WHY. … Read more
  • Pension time for our App
    The Lovers App was the very first product that we developed. It has been around for a few year and has been appreciated all over the world. We have now decided to retire the … Read more
  • July 2022
    In the beginning of July we went to Tampere, Finland as Hunter was going to compete in the World Championship in Decathlon for Masters. Guess what – he won the bronze in M50! I … Read more
  • About sex fantasies
    One small thing that you can do for free together is listen to our podcast. We have just released a new season in English. All about sex fantasies. We talk about how shared sex … Read more
  • Do you talk about your sex fantasies?
    “Did you know that people that talk about sex with their partner have better sex?” This is something that Therese claims in one of our short promotion films. When you dare to show more … Read more
  • The Podcast finally in English!
    The Lovers podcast is our latest project to help and inspire couples. Short Episodes with details about a certain topic packaged into Seasons. So far we have released four seasons in Swedish for our … Read more
  • The Lovers Relationship Programme
    Since the end of May 2020 a new product from the Lovers have been in progress. It is still a work in progress but we are happy to announce that our Relationship Programme will … Read more
  • The Lovers App 2.0
    Maybe you all have noticed that on a technical level things have not been as good as we all had hoped for. Our developers, from the start of our app, have not been up … Read more
  • the Snippets – The Lovers podcast
    During the autumn of 2020 a new seed has taken root and will grow healthily into a plant of some sort during the year of 2021. It started as we were out walking our … Read more
  • To bid – crucible and small
    At the Gottman Lab couples spent 24 hours in an apartment, built into a lab. The couples started as newlyweds and came back annually for six years. Most couples ate, read, watched TV, talked … Read more
  • Fight fair and repair
    Fight Fair and Repair – from the Chapter ”Agree to disagree”Excerpt from the book Eight Dates by John & Julie Schwartz Gottman and Doug Abrams & Rachel Carlton Abrams “Fights are going to happen … Read more
  • Feeling attractive and desired…
    How aware are you of when you feel attractive and desired? Feeling attractive. It could feel like the most difficult task ever. Or maybe the opposite. It could be very easy for you to … Read more
  • Our agreement
    … I believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.  Esther Perel As Esther so well puts it in the quote above, the quality of your life can get … Read more
  • “in a non-judgmental way”
    As you will find (or already have found) we encourage you very often to listen to your partner while s/he shares something with you. Reflecting together. Listening when someone shares a story from their … Read more
  • The ebb and flow of a relationship
    Do you have the relationship you want? Do you and your partner have the relationship you both want? Do you have the sex life you want? Do you and your partner have the sex … Read more
  • Fantasies about sex
    To have sexual fantasies is easy for some and more difficult for others. In my sex-talk groups I have met a lot of women who share with the group that they never fantasize. About … Read more
  • The art of seduction
    Seduction. So easy or so damn difficult? Easier to be seduced, to feel seduced or easier to seduce someone else? Our brain is our biggest sexual organ. Yep. That is, if you like us … Read more
  • 4 silly questions…
    The questions What’s your favorite animal and why? What’s your second favorite animal and why? What’s your favorite beverage and why? What do you think when you see the sea? The true meaning to … Read more
  • Practice gratitude – a tool for you
    To be grateful can be a useful tool in your life. Science suggests that expressing gratitude boosts both your health and spreads happiness around you. Here are a few simple exercises to help you … Read more
  • Eye gazing = connection
    Eye gazing is a speedy way to connect with anyone….or not? The New York Times published an article in 2015 describing an experiment in which two people are made to stare into each other’s … Read more
  • Where did you learn about sex?
    As we grow up in a family, community and society we all receive messages around sex. Some are subtle, others very clear. It is very useful for us all to understand more of where … Read more
  • I turn myself on when I…
    I turn myself on when I…… or You turn me on when you……. When you are talking to yourself or to your partner around turn ons and turn offs, what does it sound like? … Read more
  • The importance of sexting
    In a relationship, sooner or later the mundane will take over and, the communication that takes place between the lovers changes. The initial texting that consisted of “I love you-s” and maybe setting up … Read more
  • Are you bringing the best of you to work and the leftovers of you home?
    If you want to change the other, change yourself. …says Esther Perel in this interview Esther Perel is one of the persons that the Lovers app is truly in awe of. We love her … Read more
  • Marriage is not meant to make you happy
    Marriage will not always make you happy, but it will do something even better. It will give you an opportunity to find happiness in peace, in letting go, in learning what’s worth fighting for, … Read more
  • Do I really have to put in effort to desire my partner?
    A common myth is that there is something serious about the relationship if the parties need to work to keep the fire alive. This can cause sex to become anxious. Yes, that’s it. You … Read more
  • Partner as child
    The terrible tantrums and seemingly unannounced multitude of feelings that a child can produce can be seen as outrageously mean. However, as we meet them as adults where they are in their tantrum or … Read more
  • The Lovers app – DIY therapy
    Research has shown that it is possible to overcome problems without professional help. In the Lovers app we know that you are the real experts of your relationship. Mening that you have all chances … Read more
  • To hold space for each other
    Anonymous Alcoholics – surely you have heard, read or seen some parts of that work through watching series on Netflix or other channels. What have the AA to do with this app? The Lovers … Read more
  • Relationships – the romantic norm or a new classic norm?
    The School of Life has a lot of interesting material that we have looked into as we created the lovers-app. One of them being the book Relationships. In this book they add a new … Read more
  • Hello world!
    As we are slowly making progress with our relationship app, we are also slowly updating and working with this site. We hope it will function as a home for you and us, where we … Read more