How aware are you of when you feel attractive and desired?

Feeling attractive. It could feel like the most difficult task ever. Or maybe the opposite. It could be very easy for you to feel attractive. Maybe you are a user of our app and just received a challenge to let your partner know what makes you feel attractive, or maybe you just found this post and wanted to read more about attraction and desires. Welcome to you all.

The challenge is to become aware of when you feel attractive. What makes you feel attractive. And share it with your partner. Every day for a full week. We do hope it will be (at least a bit) challenging for you.

During each day in the week the task for you is to do a simple “check-in” several times a day. A check-in to explore if you feel attractive at the moment or if you have noticed a moment earlier that made you feel attractive. What happened that made you feel attractive. Check-in. Make a mental note and every day share this with your partner.

As you start to become aware of what makes you feel attractive you might also start to feel more desire. And feel desired. Below is a quote from Esther perel in an interview with

Desire has an element of selfishness to it. In order to cum, you must stop thinking about someone else—you have to be inside yourself. It’s also a surrender. If you feel too responsible for all those domestic tasks, you’re not in a surrender mode. For some women, all they need to do is take off the apron, change the t-shirt, clean up the baby spit, and they’re right in that place of surrendering. But for some women, you need three days away from home to reconnect to that part of you—the playful, non-responsible, mischievous, seductive, flirtatious, sensual, sexual self.

Esther Perel

One of the hard parts by exploring what makes you feel attractive can be just what Esther points to. The element of selfishness. You must and will explore the inner you. And you will need, as she suggests, to make an effort for yourself too. Like wearing make-up, dressing up for no reason other than to feel attractive, go to the gym, or any other effort that might help you feel attractive.
We believe that you can work on this feeling and that it definitely can grow. If you are a woman – you might need to work on your acceptance of your body with all its “perfect imperfections”, maybe take a Burlesque class?

And once this challenge and this week is over, it is time to reflect upon the challenge and to celebrate.
Before the next upcoming challenge – yes, you have probably guessed it. Now it is time for you to share with your partner what makes your partner attractive for you.

The way you smile when you see me coming home.
The way you move towards me when we are going to dance.
The flirting on Fridays.
The lipstick on Mondays for no other reason than it being Monday.
And so on.

Best of luck to both of you on this journey of becoming more aware!

PS. Don’t take this challenge too seroiusly. Play with it. Explore your own feelings around feeling attractive. Share with partner. And dive right into sharing with your partner what it is that makes them feel attractive to you.


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