The Lovers Relationship Programme

Since the end of May 2020 a new product from the Lovers have been in progress. It is still a work in progress but we are happy to announce that our Relationship Programme will be available to couples who apply to be part of this year long program. At the end of January our firstContinue reading “The Lovers Relationship Programme”

The Lovers App 2.0

Maybe you all have noticed that on a technical level things have not been as good as we all had hoped for. Our developers, from the start of our app, have not been up to scratch and they have disappointed us many times. It feels so good at this moment to be able to tellContinue reading “The Lovers App 2.0”

the Snippets – The Lovers podcast

During the autumn of 2020 a new seed has taken root and will grow healthily into a plant of some sort during the year of 2021. It started as we were out walking our beloved dog, Snowy. During our walks we talk a lot about relationships, ours and others. We also talk a far amountContinue reading “the Snippets – The Lovers podcast”

To bid – crucible and small

At the Gottman Lab couples spent 24 hours in an apartment, built into a lab. The couples started as newlyweds and came back annually for six years. Most couples ate, read, watched TV, talked and slept. As they were being monitored and later on also being looked upon through the eyes of a researcher. ThisContinue reading “To bid – crucible and small”

Fight fair and repair

Fight Fair and Repair – from the Chapter ”Agree to disagree”Excerpt from the book Eight Dates by John & Julie Schwartz Gottman and Doug Abrams & Rachel Carlton Abrams “Fights are going to happen in any relationship – it’s inevitable and it’s healthy – but research shows that couples who are genuinely happy in theirContinue reading “Fight fair and repair”

Feeling attractive and desired…

How aware are you of when you feel attractive and desired? Feeling attractive. It could feel like the most difficult task ever. Or maybe the opposite. It could be very easy for you to feel attractive. Maybe you are a user of our app and just received a challenge to let your partner know whatContinue reading “Feeling attractive and desired…”

Our agreement

… I believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.  Esther Perel As Esther so well puts it in the quote above, the quality of your life can get better if you add more quality to your relationship. We are glad that you have found us and our app. WeContinue reading “Our agreement”

“in a non-judgmental way”

As you will find (or already have found) we encourage you very often to listen to your partner while s/he shares something with you. Reflecting together. Listening when someone shares a story from their childhood, an event from the day och their biggest passion. Whatever it is that is being shared, your task is toContinue reading ““in a non-judgmental way””

The ebb and flow of a relationship

Do you have the relationship you want? Do you and your partner have the relationship you both want? Do you have the sex life you want? Do you and your partner have the sex life you both want? Do you put time and effort into becoming a better partner? Do you invest time and effortContinue reading “The ebb and flow of a relationship”

Fantasies about sex

To have sexual fantasies is easy for some and more difficult for others. In my sex-talk groups I have met a lot of women who share with the group that they never fantasize. About sex. Never. I usually ask them to give themselves permission to let that part of their erotic intelligence wake up. ToContinue reading “Fantasies about sex”