Since the end of May 2020 a new product from the Lovers have been in progress. It is still a work in progress but we are happy to announce that our Relationship Programme will be available to couples who apply to be part of this year long program.

At the end of January our first prototype course will be held on the island of Gotland. A Corona-safe sized group will take part as well as give feedback and input of how to progress this product to more of you.

Why a relationship program?

We believe, know (and are proud stealers and borrowers of the relationship research available, that all say) that we all can use a helping hand in getting to become a better version of our selves. A marriage or a long term relationship can bring out the best in you as well as it is certain to bring out also the worst in you.

We understand that a relationship can thrive in periods, as well as need some extra (external) help in other periods.

In our programme the couples will be able to share insights, learn from each other and train together on the tools for the level where they are. An individual assessment for each couple is part of the onboarding. This to make sure that the group altogether will be working from a similar base, and mostly to make sure the couple will start at the right level for their training.

Tools, insights, new perspectives and a hopefulness will be the gift of the long weekends spent with us and other couples. As well as a stronger bond between you, and perhaps some new friends to meet again.


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