During the autumn of 2020 a new seed has taken root and will grow healthily into a plant of some sort during the year of 2021. It started as we were out walking our beloved dog, Snowy. During our walks we talk a lot about relationships, ours and others. We also talk a far amount of what research has to say about relationships, as well as what other prominent persons (Esther, John, Julie, David, Emily, etc) gives us insights into.

So, one day we realized we would extend our products and offerings to you all. This time with our version of a podcast. We call them the Snippets. Our aim is to publish a full season around a topic with a few Snippets, where we share our perspectives, ideas, thoughts and questions on a smaller piece of the topic. The name Snippets because neither of us like too long podcasts with people rambling on and on (we usually end up listening at double speed). Our Snippets aim to be somewhere between 4-10 minutes a piece, with around 6-10 in a season.

We will definitely get back to you once we publish these.
Meanwhile – if you have any topics you would love for us to dig into, please get in touch with us at tess@thelove.rs or hunter@thelove.rs

Soon in a place with your other favorite podcasts too.

PS. Only in Swedish to begin with.


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