The art of seduction

Seduction. So easy or so damn difficult? Easier to be seduced, to feel seduced or easier to seduce someone else? Our brain is our biggest sexual organ. Yep. That is, if you like us believe in the erotic intelligence. That you, with your mind and senses, can be seduced and turned on (or off) inContinue reading “The art of seduction”

4 silly questions…

The questions What’s your favorite animal and why? What’s your second favorite animal and why? What’s your favorite beverage and why? What do you think when you see the sea? The true meaning to the answers Are you ready for the explanations to see the “meanings” that these answers describe? Check them out in theContinue reading “4 silly questions…”

Practice gratitude – a tool for you

To be grateful can be a useful tool in your life. Science suggests that expressing gratitude boosts both your health and spreads happiness around you. Here are a few simple exercises to help you build your capacity for gratitude. We say “thanks” a dozen or more times a day: when someone holds a door open,Continue reading “Practice gratitude – a tool for you”

Eye gazing = connection

Eye gazing is a speedy way to connect with anyone….or not? The New York Times published an article in 2015 describing an experiment in which two people are made to stare into each other’s eyes for four uninterrupted minutes. It’s been theorized that at the end of the four minutes, each person should feel closerContinue reading “Eye gazing = connection”

Where did you learn about sex?

As we grow up in a family, community and society we all receive messages around sex. Some are subtle, others very clear. It is very useful for us all to understand more of where our conceptions, beliefs and thoughts origin from. Once we can see them as not attached to us, maybe also understand whyContinue reading “Where did you learn about sex?”

I turn myself on when I…

I turn myself on when I…… or You turn me on when you……. When you are talking to yourself or to your partner around turn ons and turn offs, what does it sound like? Are you taking responsibility for turning yourself on, for your arousal?Or are you letting your partner take all the responsibility forContinue reading “I turn myself on when I…”

The importance of sexting

In a relationship, sooner or later the mundane will take over and, the communication that takes place between the lovers changes. The initial texting that consisted of “I love you-s” and maybe setting up some scenarios for next date, or explicit wishes for sex simply vanishes. And sooner or later the communication in texting duringContinue reading “The importance of sexting”

Are you bringing the best of you to work and the leftovers of you home?

If you want to change the other, change yourself. …says Esther Perel in this interview Esther Perel is one of the persons that the Lovers app is truly in awe of. We love her work, her preciseness, her way of widening the perspectives and how she shares her work with us all. Below you’ll findContinue reading “Are you bringing the best of you to work and the leftovers of you home?”

Marriage is not meant to make you happy

Marriage will not always make you happy, but it will do something even better. It will give you an opportunity to find happiness in peace, in letting go, in learning what’s worth fighting for, in figuring out how to love an imperfect person, in seeing what commitment is and what compromise feels like. Marriage won’tContinue reading “Marriage is not meant to make you happy”

Do I really have to put in effort to desire my partner?

A common myth is that there is something serious about the relationship if the parties need to work to keep the fire alive. This can cause sex to become anxious. Yes, that’s it. You need to work on wanting your partner. For the remainder of your relationship. To desire him or her every day. AllContinue reading “Do I really have to put in effort to desire my partner?”