Seduction. So easy or so damn difficult?
Easier to be seduced, to feel seduced or easier to seduce someone else?

Our brain is our biggest sexual organ. Yep. That is, if you like us believe in the erotic intelligence. That you, with your mind and senses, can be seduced and turned on (or off) in the blink of an eye. Or close to that. So how do you become more erotic intelligent?

One of the steps is by coming aware of what you like and dislike. What turns you on and off. What your partner like and dislike. Plus be willing to explore these areas together.

How you do it?
Well, there are a few fun tests on the internet of course. One is called “The Erotic Blueprint” and it is definitely worth taking. Head over there when the time is right and explore both the questions and your results together. It will sure give you a lot to talk about.

When you are done….head back to the Lovers App and make a few notes.

Remember to use the knowledge gained from the test as well as your joint exploration to keep (or start) seducing each other.

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