Eye gazing is a speedy way to connect with anyone….or not?

The New York Times published an article in 2015 describing an experiment in which two people are made to stare into each other’s eyes for four uninterrupted minutes. It’s been theorized that at the end of the four minutes, each person should feel closer and more connected to the other, no matter their relationship to each other prior to the experiment.

Inspired by the article, YouTube’s SoulPancake gathered six couples to test out the theory. Among the couples they recruited was a duo on their fourth date and a married couple who’d been together for 55 years.

Each couple was put into a room on their own, and for four minutes, were tasked with sitting in silence while looking into the other person’s eyes.

At the end of experiment, even the participants seemed surprised by the results.

“In 55 years of marriage, we’ve never really looked into each other’s eyes like that,” said one woman to her husband at the end of the four minutes.

“When I look at you really closely, I realize how much I need you and what you mean to me, because that’s the truth,” her husband later says to her. “I couldn’t imagine being with anybody else.”

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