Yes, Season 9 is out and released since a few weeks back.

6 episodes in Swedish (again) where you’ll find us talking about what really happened around our 1000 days of sex.
The WHY.
The HOW.
The Do We Encourage Others To Follow In Our Footsteps.
The GOOD. And The Bad.
What happened after the 1000 days – yes, it is now more than 1000 days ago.

Plus two episodes where we have our very first guest. Sara Modig joined us to dive deeper into the topics of “What really happened after we had been on Swedish Radio?” plus (again) a dive into….

…if you are a person (probably in some kind of relationship) that would like to set up a sex goal for yourself and your relationship – HOW would you go about.

Listen in to hear us share a few tricks and perhaps you’ll find a golden snippet or two out of all the episodes we are sharing with you.

PS: If you like what we are doing – please share our work and send a thumbs up, follow us in the socials or comment! We love sharing stuff with you all – hoping to inspire one relationship at a time.


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