Research has shown that it is possible to overcome problems without professional help. In the Lovers app we know that you are the real experts of your relationship. Mening that you have all chances to create a successful relationship of your own making.

The Lovers App might not work for everyone. If you are committed to the challenges, exercises and task that you will receive from us, you stand a better chance of course. But it might still not be enough. Professional help will always be available close to you. If you want to meet us, we are taking clients. We do however believe in this, the Lovers App. Please give it a go and try this DIY therapy for yourself, your partner and your relationship.

As a metaphor – when you want to get to a healthier lifestyle, eating less perhaps, or better, exercising more, or more often, you need to make a commitment, spend time, effort and ask for help to achieve these goals of yours.
The same goes for this challenge with the Lovers App. Your “love muscles” will not grow without exercise. Nor will you loose self-doubt, or anything else you want to loose, by “eating less” of all the love you can have at home. You might have to go on a stricter diet. As in scheduling when your next love meal will make you something to look forward to. And maybe as a starter there will be a challenge of sexting with your partner.
The important thing is that you realize that this commitment need time and effort and a bit of help too. As well as any other life changes you want to establish in your life.

How do you know if you should try this app?

  • Do you feel like this might be the relationship where you can have a new beginning, not like a previous one?
  • Do you miss what you and your partner used to have?
  • Do you feel that your relationship has become stale over the years and needs reviving?
  • Are you experiencing problems in your intimate relationship that you don’t seem able to resolve?
  • Have you tried reading self-help books about relationships but found them too tiresome or not for you?
  • Do you want to feel more alive with your partner in your relationship?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above, we believe the Lovers App is for you. Make a commitment of at least 6 months, or a year. Tell your partner. Ask them if they are willing to commit to this commitment too.
Download the app, if you haven’t already done so, and get started. You and your relationship are worth it!

How do I/we know if I/we are making progress?

In some of the cards we will ask you to write down intentions, reflections or specific answers to specific questions. By writing in a journal or save your notes online, you are able to go back at times to read through your words. Most probably you can clearly see that you have grown and learned from your experiences and the exercises we have put you through.

Remember, you are always free to make notes on your own.
As a way to track your progress over time.

How much time do I/we need to spend working with this?

As the metaphor above described exercising or creating a more healthier way of eating it is always a very individual journey to reach the goal that you have set your sight upon.
As your journey into yourself and your relationship takes place, you will discover how much time you will need to invest and commit to. We advice you to put aside at least 20 minutes to each card and at least 8 weeks of integrating a new habit into your life.

Please, don’t hesitate to get back to us with questions or feedback.


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