Our first product.

Download it via Google Play or AppStore.

It brings you some challenges, tips, questions and reflections that can help you in your romantic relationship.

We will encourage you to explore more of uncertainty, confusion, complexity, curiosity and hope in your life. And yes, these bits will help you grow, learn and change. As you grow, learn and change so will your relationship evolve too.

Our aim is initially towards you and your partner in a romantic relationship, but the effect as you grow as a team as well as individually, will inevitably spill over into your whole life. Into all your relations; friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and many more.

We continuously work to improve our App, but we are a smal outfit and it is Free so don’t expect miracles. Any feedback is welcome. The App was initially launched in early autumn of 2019 and was one of the first of its kind.

How does it work?

The Lovers App will, via notifications, send you cards with tips, questions, challenges and reflections about yourself and your relationship.

Some cards might be recurring while some are a once off.

As you grow, your reflections might be different depending on when you receive them. Your personal growth is one of our main objectives. A bit of time can make all the difference. We have set ample time between the delivery of cards. Sometimes you may get several in a row, sometimes it might take a few days before the next one comes. This will give you plenty of time to reflect on some big questions and make notes.

Some cards can be rather explicit so be prepared. Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship. Every card needs to be confirmed or dismissed before a new one is prepared for you. So remember to confirm your cards and be prepared for varied times before the next one comes.

There is a notes function that lets you make notes connected to every card. On some cards we will urge you to make notes on others it is up to you. You are always free to make your notes in your preferred journal, notes-app or simply in the Lovers App as you can follow up your progress in the “Journey-view”.

There are two views in the App; Cards and My Journey. You can flip through all of your issued cards in the Cards view. You get a better overview in the My Journey view with time and date stamps. The headline of your card and your notes are visible there. Tap on it and you get to see the complete card including your notes. Notes can be edited or added at any time. Your answer to a card can not be edited at this time.

Yes – this is offered and shipped to you all for FREE! So do not hesitate, download the app today and keep working, prioritizing and investing in your relationship!

Do you feel that you need more help? Please contact us to set up some coaching for you!