(in Swedish and English)
  • July 2022
    In the beginning of July we went to Tampere, Finland as Hunter was going to compete in the World Championship in Decathlon for Masters. Guess what – he won the bronze in M50! I am so proud of Hunter and he is such a great athlete as well as such a humble and kind one… Read more: July 2022
  • The Podcast finally in English!
    The Lovers podcast is our latest project to help and inspire couples. Short Episodes with details about a certain topic packaged into Seasons. So far we have released four seasons in Swedish for our home audience. As a way for us to broaden our reach and to help and inspire more people we have decided… Read more: The Podcast finally in English!
  • The Lovers Relationship Programme
    Since the end of May 2020 a new product from the Lovers have been in progress. It is still a work in progress but we are happy to announce that our Relationship Programme will be available to couples who apply to be part of this year long program. At the end of January our first… Read more: The Lovers Relationship Programme